2004 Ford F-150 Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews

Butlerrat writes:
2004 Ford F-150 XLT Review

Work horse - Very reliable truck that has not been in a shop very much. It is a hard working truck able to go where I need it to. The tires alway wore evenly, with out getting an alinement. Pulling a heavy trailer is not a problem as it did so often

Favorites: Good reliable transportation , never left me stranded , 60,000 miles on one set of tires never got stuck and it worked hard hauling 8800 lb trailer for 1000 miles per year or a ton of fuel to heat my house.

Suggestions: Gas mileage not so good at 20 mpg, hard to park as it is long truck

cs99larson writes:
2004 Ford F-150 Review

Great truck - I bought this truck new in October 2004 and I am very satisfied with the performance. I have always been a Ford guy and will buy another one when this one dies but the way it's going, that will be many years from now!

Favorites: It is the FX4 package and it has been a great truck for me. No major problems so far and it has 96,000 miles.

Suggestions: The only thing that concerns me is some engine noise but it has been "tapping" since about the 50k mile mark but has had no effect on performance

ajt200019 writes:
2004 Ford F-150 STX Review

built ford tough - The 2004 Ford F-150 stx 4x4 is all around a good truck.I have used it for work and play and it's never let's me down. The truck has been worked hard and hauled heavy loads of firewood,gravel,topsoil, and lumber, and with 98,000 miles on it still runs like day I brought it home. I installed a front end leveling kit and had to replace brakes,tires,a battery, and u- joints.

Favorites: Dependable, simple, tough, comfortable

Suggestions: Light gray colored cloth seats get dirty easily

danielmaples writes:
2004 Ford F-150 XLT Review

Best truck I have owned so far out of Dodge and GMC. - The only problem I have had is the parts cost to much. Having to replace the coil packs at fifty dollars a piece is costly. Also rear axle seals started leaking at 65000 miles. Other than these minor problems its a great truck.

Favorites: Steering is awesoms. Even for a large truck. Plenty of power. Tons of interior room

Suggestions: Parts are a little pricey when it comes to repairing.

m.a.mitchell32 writes:
2004 Ford F-150 Review

i love my "Built Tough" Ford. - I like everything about my truck. There is not one particular thing I love about my truck except for the fact it is a Ford. I will definitely be keeping hold of this truck and keeping it in the family for years to come.

Favorites: Looks good sitting on some nice rims.

Suggestions: spending the money to fill it up with the 32 gallons of fuel it needs and can hold.

bigec16 writes:
2004 Ford F-150 XL Review

Built Ford Tough - the few mods that i have done to the truck have been surprising easy to do with is nice cause i like to be always looking for the next thing that i can do to make my vehicle just stand out that much more.

Favorites: Always works and very little that i have had to replace on it.

Suggestions: there has been a recurring problem with the 4 wheel drive were it slips.