Why Are We Doing This?

Plain and simple we want to change the story of buying a car. At LemonFree.com we understand how important and difficult buying a car can be, so we want to help make it as simple and easy a process, any way we can.

What Is The Story Right Now?

Our users have repeatedly told us that they have encountered a couple of problems in the car buying process. They have dealt with cars being unavailable when they get to the lot, biased information sources, misleading pricing and promotions, and search engines that mainly show results for the highest paying advertiser.

LemonFree.com knows that there are great dealers out there who, like us, believe that buying a car shouldn't be such a difficult experience. We are an innovative automotive market place that delivers this simple and fresh way to search for cars to our users.

How Are We Different?

At LemonFree.com we are focused on improving the car buying experience by listening to customer feedback, and changing the way vehicles are listed online, to make car shopping a pleasant experience. Some of the ways that we are different include:

  • Filtering results (lemons) through search algorithms
  • Asking how your experience was for each and every lead you fill out
  • Providing raving fan support to listen to your feedback (good and bad) on everything
  • Using your feedback to shape the changes we make to search tools, dealer reviews, resources, and site function
  • Providing vehicle history reports

The New Story:

The most trusted, online marketplace to search for vehicles; buyers and sellers interacting in a transparent and honest environment to their mutual benefit.

The LemonFree.com Team

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