Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What makes LemonFree different?

Close We at are different as we are focused on improving the car buying experience by listening to customer feedback, and changing the way vehicles are listed online, to make car shopping a pleasant experience. Find the unique ways we do this here.

2. How can you call yourselves 'LemonFree'?

Close We understand that there is no possible way to identify all possible problems with a vehicle online. However, we have the most sophisticated algorithms and tools to help us identify vehicles that may be lemons and show you only the best unbiased search results. We call ourselves as it is our mission to change the story of how people buy cars. We are doing this by creating the most trusted market place to search for vehicles, where people encounter the least possible bad experiences (lemons).

3. What is a Squirt Alert?

Close A Squirt Alert is a free tool from LemonFree that alerts you by email whenever any vehicle(s) that matches your specified criteria are added to our site. We save you the trip back to check every day. You can have as many of these as you would like.

4. Why have I not received my Squirt Alert?

Close If you have not received any Squirt Alerts try checking your junk mail folder to make sure that you received our activation email. If you have not received a Squirt Alert lately and are looking for an uncommon vehicle it is possible that we have not had any new vehicles that fit your search criteria added to the site recently and you may want to try broadening your search criteria or creating another alert.

5. How do I contact a dealer about a car I am interested in?

Close On the detail page about the vehicle there is a form on the right hand side below the vehicle information. If you fill this out and submit it this will send an email to the dealer for you. Also, in cases when the dealer has provided us with their phone number it is located above this form.