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Lexus RX Ratings, Reviews and Analysis

Ratings & Reviews

5 star
imasahm writes:
Lexus is worth the price!

This car drives smooth, quiet and powerfully. You would not think it has the power if most of your driving is in the city. My gas mileage has consistently been 20-21/city and 25-28/highway, though I rarely get on the highway for trips. The few times I have traveled long distances, I can sit back and relax and understand WHY the Lexus brand is so pricey! It is worth every penney. Keep to the maintenance schedule and this car will last forever. The interior is, IMHO, of superior quality over the newer model RX's, with it's tufted leather side panels and soft-touch window sills. After nearly 14 years, this car's interior is STILL in near-mint condition, including the front passenger seat. The driver's seat is understandably a little worn, but not cracked. The ONLY reason I am now looking to trade my Lexus is because I want a newer model, definitely a different color and the things I've missed sorely from my Dodge Caravan. All these missing things are included on the newer RX models. The only negative things I can say about this car has to do with amenities. The homelink (garage door opener) is located on the sun visor, which means you have to put the visor back up in order to close the garage door. This has proven to be probably the biggest nuisance for this car. Also, with my particular car, there are no radio controls on the steering wheel. Even my 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan ES had controls on the steering wheel and I could completely control my iPhone via those controls through the Monster Cable. I was also spoiled to dual ac zones with my Dodge and this is one other thing the 2002 Lexus does not have - not my model anyway.

5 star
LexusDriver292 writes:
excellent bargain

design makes backing up more difficult with blind spot over right shoulder, right rear of vehicle. the 2001 model that i own is considerably better designed without this blind spot.