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Chevrolet Metro Ratings, Reviews and Analysis

Ratings & Reviews

5 star writes:
Most perfect vehicle I have ever owned and operated.

In 139,000 miles, my passion for this vehicle has never waned. It is reliable, economical and a blast to drive. I plan to drive it to 200,000 and beyond. I don't think Chevy ever wanted to sell was only in their offerings to lower their fleet mileage...truely an "under-the-table" car. Recently drove a 2013 Yaris 4-dr. rental with automatic much larger and newer that I would not accept as an even trade. Closest current-production vehicle is probably the 3-door Honda Fit. I think Suzuki shot themselves in the foot by dropping production of their "Swift".

5 star writes:
You either love them or hate them. I love them.

I love the way the car handles and sips fuel. When I fill up 7 gallons, I am in and out of the station in 2 minutes or less. The top is easy to put down and the car is a pleasure to drive. The top is easy to install and usually needs to be replaced, but that isn't too expensive. The only real negative thing is weight. The Metro has a weight limit of 350 pounds (approximately- going by memory) for passengers and cargo.