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Lexus SC Ratings, Reviews and Analysis

Ratings & Reviews

4 star
Kmusick writes:
Great older vehicle for the do it yourself mechanic

Its an aging and discontinued model. Best know how to turn a wrench with these otherwise repair bills will be rather expensive. The V8 engine is known to last a good 300,000 miles. All in all a very reliable car.

5 star
LexusDriver431 writes:
Nice for a toy

Wanted a toy - got one... I will keep it as a second car - my Subaru will be the main one

4 star
LexusDriver525 writes:
Great car

I like the look, it has a great reputation II don't like that t's super long for city living (parking is an issue), Just ok gas mileage, Needs premium gas, expensive to maintain, I don't drive it to work because it is too expensive to pay for parking ($25 day) so I only use it to run errands, take weekend trips to go hiking/running on trials, traveling to visit family/friends in other states