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Mercedes-Benz 190 Ratings, Reviews and Analysis

Ratings & Reviews

4 star
clarkwtc writes:
Good Drivers Car and AMAZING Daily Dirver

The Mercedes 190E 2.6 is an excellent car, especially when its price is taken into account. For its age it gets excellent gas mileage, has adequate power and handling. Its rear wheel drive allows for the driver to have fun through twists and turns should tey so chose. As stated it easily gets up to highway speeds, and has adequate power on the highway. Most importantly the interior shows almost no sign of wear despite 20 years of use, Mercedes's vehicles from this era are well known for this. It also has excellent reliability, with only one repair in my 16 months of ownership which was due to aging rubber gaskets (Something that can't be avoided in some areas) While it lacks some of the modern tech and layout that is prevalent in modern cars, these things are hardly noticeable. It is an excellent car with few downsides. If you need a commuter or 2nd car, buy one.